How to configure the Netgear WNR2020 Wireless Router

Wireless routers are a key part of your home. They provide access to the internet for your laptop, mobile phone and tablet devices and an IP address like A fast wirelss router makes the difference between convenience and aggravation. The Netgear WNR2020 Wireless Router with is a great router to use.

The router has speeds up to 300 Mbps. What does that mean? It means rapid HD video streaming, quick downloads, fast web page display, uninterrupted online gaming and much more.

To configure the device, take a few simple steps. First, take it out of the box and plug the electricity into the wall. Secondly, plug the ethernet cable and plug it into your modem. You should make sure that the router is located close to the modem if possible to reduce clutter and the possibility that it will be ripped out. Open your device and click on the wifi network that is labeled inside your box. Enter the password as well.

You will have an ip address such as Finally, open the web browser and go to the web page You user name is admin and password is password. Use the settings on the next page to configure your router to your specifications.